Make your complaint

We encourage you to go to the branch, where you have done your business, if you wish to praise us, because we prefer to hear it from you directly. 

If you think, you have had a less fortunate experience as a customer at FOREX Bank and wish to make a complaint, we ask you to do the following: First, please go to the branch, where you had the experience. The staff will listen to your criticism and try make things right again. It is our experience that this is the quickest and best way to solve the problem.

If you are still not satisfied

Should you, however, not be satisfied with the branch's solution, you are most welcome to contact the department responsible for customer complaints at our head office. Their task is to take care of you and your complaint correctly and re-establish your trust in FOREX Bank.

Contact information

Jorcks Passage 1B, 3. tv.
1162 København K


Assessment from someone else

We most often find a satisfying solution for our customers. Should this, contrary to expectation, not be the case with your complaint, you have the opportunity to make a complaint with The Danish Complaint Board of Banking Services through their website. 

Amaliegade 8 B, 2. sal
Postboks 9029
1022 København K

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